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KOKUBU – The Drums of Japan

A magical voyage through Japan between artistic drum storms and delicate melodies of the bamboo flute

One of the largest drum shows in the world

The celebrated Japanese drum show Kokubu fascinates its audience with energetic rhythms and powerful athleticism

(thk) After the grand success of their German shows in 2019, captivating audience as well as critics, Kokubu – The Drums of Japan has added even more dates to their 2020 “Into The Light” Tour.

During their Germany Tour from February 21st through April 5th, the Japanese troupe will guarantee a spectacular firework of drums in 40 cities.
Every, audience member of this „event of a rarely seen intensity“ (Soester Anzeiger) will be able to experience for themselves what several newspapers have written: “Drummers elicit bouts of enthusiasm from the audience” (Badische Zeitung), „Everyone was fascinated” (Fränkische Nachrichten) or „Standing ovations for powerful drummers.” (Schwäbische Zeitung).

This unanimous euphoria has its reasons. The artists practice the „high art of the taiko-game“ (Westdeutsche Zeitung).
Among the authentic and hypnotically fascinating energy of this spectacular show, KOKUBU also allows the deep spirituality of Japan to shine and be woven into every part of the spectacle. In 2020, three large O-Daiko drums will be in use and elevate the group’s performance to new heights. A new stage set and a spectacular light concept complement the extraordinary drum event.

Additionally, Masamitsu Takasaki, world champion on the plucking instrument Tsugaru-shamisen will be enhancing the sounds of the event!

KOKUBU is an incredibly fascinating experience for ears, eyes, heart and soul. The exceptional group, dressed in black Kimonos with white head bands, manages to master the balancing act between ground-shaking acoustic hurricanes and subtle rhythms created by the bamboo flute (Shakuhachi).

The ensemble, founded in 1998, consisting of 17 energetic members from Osaka, is led by Shakuhachi Master Chiaki Toyama and offers their audience both visual and acoustic fireworks. Different groups and different sized barrel drums (Taikos) create a rhythm, in perfect synchronization or interesting contrast, which keeps the audience captivated

At times, an impressive barrel drum is placed on the floor and its drum head is worked by an athlete with two massive sticks as big as a lower arm.

Contrasting sounds are provided by flute notes, which captivate the audience with their melodies from Far East. It creates a music that, to Europeans, has a magical sound and provides a live experience of the Japanese spirituality.
Before every piece, a speaker shortly explains the significance of the song and therefore helps the audience understand the traditions that are encapsulated in the art. They tell us stories about the unity of body and soul, the joy of life, nature, the power of the season or the mentality of “moving forward without looking back”.

„The evening starts so gently. The sounds of the traditional wooden flute echo through the hall, soft as the flapping of a dragonfly’s wings” writes Steffen Kohler in the Kreiszeitung about the “unique Kokubu”, describing them further as “simply fascinating”. “It is the start of a show that not only leaves the audience fascinated. It is a spectacle that captivates due to its authenticity. A though provoking show that is also fun. A show that will make you forget your daily routine.

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